Mrs. Mathers

I am whatever you say I am; if I wasn't, then why would I say I am.

“Do you wanna know how I do it? This is how I do it, Anton: I never saved anything for a swim back.”

– Vincent to Anton during their swimming challenge, Gattaca (via thecriticposter)

Anonymous asked: Fuck you , you cant listen to MGK and Eminem and talk shit about mac. He's a great rapper and he's really popular, you're just a fuckig hypocrit and sayin git's because he's white is revers racism because you're a mexican. Fuck you.


Kay boo, first, dictionaries are your friends.

Second, I specified him being a suburban rapper. Ya see social status before fame actually has a great deal to do with a celebrities status when they’re famous especially when they’re a rapper. Mac came from money, MGk and Eminem didn’t at all, they had very rough lives which inspire most of their music and they’re more relatable to a lot of kids especially ones that listen to rap  and most people want to listen to relatable stuff. It’s just the way things are and I was speaking from my personal point of view, I, personally do no nor have I ever listened to mac Miller.

SO C H I L L   T H E   F U C K   O U T